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Title Insurance

We offer title insurance policies for all Real Estate, Refinance, Construction, and Home Equity Line transactions in the state of Florida.


Document Preparation

All American Title Services will prepare all of the necessary documents needed ahead of schedule so that all you have to do is visit our office and sign. In addition, we can also email our clients documents to print and have original copies to work with.


Statewide Closings & Settlement Services

All American Title Services is licensed in the state of Florida. In the event that it is not convenient for you to attend closing at our office, we can still complete the transaction for you. Our office offers flexible closing options such as mail-away closings, and mobile closers.


For Sale By Owner Transactions (FSBO)

In the event that you are selling your property without the assistance of a licensed real estate agent, we will be glad to meet with you individually and discuss the closing process. As an attorney owned and operated title company, we can assist with the preparation of a purchase and sale agreement. In addition, we can answer most legal questions (without providing legal advice) or address any concerns that you may have at or prior to closing.